Čudni Dokumentarci: Nebo Nad Beogradom (II)

The film Strange Documentaries: Sky Over Belgrade, directed by Andrej Tomin, is a trilogy composed of three separate stories about various twisted and strange events played out on a very ordinary summer day in the city of Belgrade. A few years after the premiere of the film at the MicroFAF Film Festival in Belgrade, where the film won two awards (the main jury award for best film and the award for best young actor - Mihailo Lazić), the only copy of the film disappeared under unclear circumstances. Until the law enforcement agencies manage to find the missing copy of the film, what you can see is only one segment from the entire trilogy (story II), according to the critics and opinions of the viewers, the best part of the film. Story II - Objectophilia or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Lamp?


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